We are a registered mental health establishment with State mental health authority (SMHA) govt of NCT of Delhi. Umeedwellness – India’s premier rehab centre collaboration with leading addiction treatment providers. Treatment based on WHO recommended 12- steps program Holistic approach: addressing the physical, mental, Social, emotional and spiritual areas for wholesome recovery complemented by daily yoga, Meditation, wellness and regular courses, High recovery rate – Comparable to the best worldwide Adequate and strong emphasis on family support Experienced staff: A healthy mix of professional and recovering counselors facilitating effective delivery of recovery program low client-to-counselor ration staff processes Excellent medical and psychiatric support services, including affiliations with top corporate hospitals .Ideal place for those who have tried their treatment abroad but are unable to maintain long term sobriety substantial experience with international clientele: addressing cross-cultural issue well connected to the world with direct flights of most major airlines landing at Delhi international airport.

Umeedwellness facility is housed in serene and up market area to make your stay comfortable, and fruitful. We have well appointed bedrooms, entertainment, recreational and fitness facilities to help you with recovery without feeling removed from your daily activities. Relaxing environments that will help you focus on getting better, happily! Spacious air-conditioned room attached bathroom with hot water cosmopolitan Indian Veg/Non Veg Menu Modern air-conditioned class room & seminar hall, TV Lounges, Indoor game Laundry.

Location :
Umeedwellness is Located in pollution free and serene environment of Vasant Kunj India. It is close proximity to two major corporate hospitals ( ILBS and FORTIS) and a psychiatric institute.

The fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics anonymous and AL-Anon have strong presence here, providing support for log-term recovery. Umeedwellness clients attend these meetings regularly during and after their stay at the treatment centers.

Umeedwellness employs a wide array of services :

Inpatient Care : Each client at the Umeedwellness rehab is assigned a primary counselor who plans and executes an individualized focus within input from the team that meets daily.

Outpatient care : Umeedwellness outpatient program follows the same principles as the residential program and provides individualized focus within the program.

After care : Prior to discharge, each client goes through a personalized and comprehensive relapse Prevention plan. Individual relapse triggers are identified and discussed.

International Patients : Prior to discharge, each client goes through a personalized and comprehensive Relapse prevention plan.

Family Support : Umeedwellness Family Support program focuses on understanding the disease of drug and alcohol abuse and how it impects everyone in a family, constructive problem resolution and counting care for the whole family.

Community Services : Apart from providing world class treatment, Umeedwellness is actively involved in the community through a wide range of outreach services such as sensitization program and focused assistance for less privileged persons.

At Umeedwellness we conduct group therapy, individual counseling sessions and psycho education on the biological, psychological and social effect of alcohol dependence (bio-psychosocial model). Our specialists are well-equipped to perform a variety of interventions, be it medical interventions or empirically validated psychological interventions for substance abuse such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), MET, RBT, NLP, Interprsonal Therapy (IPT), Supportive and group therapy as per requirement. WHO recommends the 12-step program, followed at Umeedwellness for both during and after the treatment program.

Remember that overcoming addiction does not happen at ones. In fact, Recovery is a lifelong process of commitment by the alcoholic and care by loved ones. This is why Umeedwellness also provides a family Support platform.



Alcohol use disorder or Alcoholism is a widely spread disease which affects normal life of an individual. Alcoholism can be considered due to many factors including genetics, gender, social environment, & mental health of a person.

Alcoholic is a person who suffers from alcoholism while alcoholism is the illness. Alcoholics are habitual with alcohol and do not know how much to drink and cannot control over daily repetition of consuming alcohol in large quantity, even if it is causing serious problems to his body, work & family. Umeedwellness is the best Alcohol use disorder rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Delhi


It is very difficult to understand the difference between social drinking and problem drinking (Alcohol Addiction). Alcohol is a widely used and available drug which is accepted in many cultures. Alcohol is consumed so often by different age group people and in social functions as well. Also alcoholics used to hide their drinking habits from their family and loved ones. So it is very difficult to understand who is a social drinker and who problematic drinker is.

. Caving
• Alone Drinking
• Doesn’t know how much to drink
• When to Drink? ( Starts from morning or any odd time)
• Professional or personal problems due to alcohol consumption
• Financial Crisis due to alcohol consumption.
• Hiding their drinking habits from their loved ones
• Losing his interest in hobbies and activities which he/she used to enjoy.
• Requiring a large quantity of alcohol to feel better.
. Increased tolerance towards alcohol.


If an alcoholic or his family members have understood that a person has a drinking problem then they need to take immediate action for the treatment of this disease. Umeedwellness Rehabilitation Centre provides the Alcohol use disorder Treatment in Delhi through Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program. Admission process is very simple in these rehabilitation centres, first of all the person will get an appointment from the Rehab counsellors after consultation of his disease he/she needs to pay and take admission for the residential rehabilitation program. There is not a set period of time for this rehabilitation treatment program. Some addicts may need a time of 90 days to fully recover from addiction while others may require only 30 days’ time to find his right path.


There are many Rehabilitation centres in Delhi according to preferred location, budget and facilities. But the most important thing to understand is the success rate of any given Rehab Centre in Delhi.

Umeedwellness is a best Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Alcohol use disorder Treatment which has a
• Trusted & Qualified Team of Counsellors, Psychologists, therapists & Yoga Instructor.
• Safe, Secure, Effective & Confidential Treatment
• Hygienic Environment
• Doctor
• Best Program for Rehabilitation Treatment which includes 12 Step Program, AA Meetings, Family Meetings, Regular Counselling Sessions, outdoor Games Therapy, autogenic training & many more.

Umeedwellness is a Trusted Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi which provides ongoing recovery from alcohol addiction in a short span of time. Umeedwellness Rehabilitation Centre’s team is well qualified and committed towards best patient care.

Substance use disorder treatment and rehabilitation.

Substance use disorder Treatment or Drug rehabilitation (often drug rehab or just rehab) is a term for the processes of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or amphetamines. The general intent is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse. Treatment includes medication for depression or other disorders, counselling by experts and sharing of experience with other addicts. Umeedwellness is the substance use disorder treatment center in Delhi.

Residential Rehabilitation Program At Umeedwellness
· Provides a safe, secure and supportive environment for addiction treatment
· Offers 24 hour care and support
· Assistance from an expert team of consultant psychiatrists/psychologists, therapists and attendants
· 24 hour referrals with places available 365 days a year, Umeed aims to give the best quality care in residential treatment for substance use disorder.